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CNN.com did a nice piece today on traveling outside the U.S. for cosmetic surgery; I knew it was coming because the writer, Neil Schlecht, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. I’m quoted briefly in the story, as an expert, and my book gets mentioned.

Neil apologized a little for the brevity but we both know that’s the way things go, what with editing, rules about space and length, etc. Neil found someone going to South Africa for surgery (hence, “safari” in the headline) … which was interesting to me because most of the recent journalism about medical travel has been focused on the Far East and/or Central and South America. South Africa can also be a fine destination but it gets more attention as such in the U.K. than it does in the U.S.

Beauty from Afar” has been out for more than a year now, and it is nice that it still gets noticed and sells pretty well online. Maybe with other books out now on the subject of medical tourism, bricks-and-mortar stores will notice that there’s a growing body of literature and a lot of interest … and they’ll free up some precious shelfspace.

Hey, I can dream. 🙂 Meantime, it’s back to working on the long overdue proposal for my next book, and it is kind of hard to type while wearing gloves. We’re freezing our asses off in our studio space in Eastworks on this third day of the New Year … converted factory buildings being what they are. But I swore that there were several things I would never blog about, and one of them is “the weather.”


  1. just wanted to thank you for the great article that I read about your dental work being done in Costa Rica. We are going there on vacation next month and I am going to go to a dentist while there to find out if they can help me. Like you, I don’t remember just when it was that I lost my smile but I’d really like it back!

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