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My personal projects are now in the realm of literary fiction, scifi and fantasy. I also work as a writer, editor and IT guy for myself and for Lawdragon.com, among other clients.

I have a web site at http://www.tftb.com. It has been there since about 1995; the links there make for a decent sampler of published writing. There’s long. There’s short. There’s frivolous and serious.There is a need to do a renovation, since I no longer see the need for all my old work to be available or even to exist.

The site for my first book, Beauty from Afar: A Medical Tourist’s Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic Care Outside the U.S., is at http://www.beautyfromafar.com. I am gratified that the book remains relevant and timely for medical travelers, medical and healthcare professionals and for healthcare payers as a compelling overview of the global market for medical services and how and why the market has developed. The rights have reverted to me and I put the first few chapters online.

For various reasons, professional and personal, I’m somewhat easy to find on the web. I’ve been on TV, and radio. I get interviewed and quoted a lot. If all of the above still leaves you wanting more, click here for Google’s version of my life.

If you want to contact me, use the form on the contact page. I’ll email you back.