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I tweet, therefore I … well, anyway, I tweet. This is a relatively recent thing for me and I suspect it will last at least until Humpty Trumpty is thrown from the wall.

Plus, there will be gloating.

I can't keep traitors out of my inbox. Unsubscribing doesn't help. Today it was @TedCruz begging for money and whining about @The65Project ... which is a bipartisan effort to protect democracy by holding accountable Big Lie Lawyers. Thanks, Ted. I'll send them $10. Not you.

I hope #LizCheney runs for president. I can't imagine voting for her, but Republicans should have a chance to vote for someone who isn't a traitor to the country.

Oh, and #Midterms2022 are now officially a referendum on whether or not you think violently overthrowing the government is a good way to go. I'm going with "Not." You?

Let's hear from the secret service guy, Robert Engel, next. AND the White House staff that had to clean up Trump's thrown food.

Since as far as I can tell so far, #Trump denies throwing food and the Engel altercation, but not #Treason ... #TrumpIsGuilty

I (and others) have long suspected/*known* that social media networks wildly overstate active human users. Not just @Twitter -- this goes for the #facebook cartel as well.

I was elected as Vice Chair of the @CTDems. I’m grateful for the encouragement from friends across Connecticut. Let’s work together to engage more people in our process, grow our party from the bottom-up, and deliver for working families. We have work to do and I am here for it.

I have a big patch of grass growing in my back yard, planted a few weeks ago in an area decimated by grubs last year. The grass is doing fine.

This morning, there was *one* hoofprint, in the middle. My only theory is that Pegasus is playing practical jokes.

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