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I tweet, therefore I … well, anyway, I tweet. This is a relatively recent thing for me and I suspect it will last at least until Humpty Trumpty is thrown from the wall.

Plus, there will be gloating.

Dear @SpeakerPelosi,

Hammer them about Post Office spending. Daily. Do whatever it takes to keep them on the defensive, or shame them into funding. It is the most clear-cut issue out there, and it's goddamn important. Thanks for listening.

#Dems4USA #ONEV1

I'm willing to take my chances and end the campaign right now, with single combat:

@JoeBiden v. @realDonaldTrump

On a treadmill. Or on the SATs. Or by IQ test. Take your pick.

I'm sick and tired of hearing that we don't know how we'll pay for Medicare for All. Here's how:

1) Repeal the $1,900,000,000,000 tax scam for corporations and the super-rich

2) Pass a wealth tax

3) Shrink our bloated military

I'm unalterably opposed to the "man" (air quotes) whose go-to noun for women who don't admire him is "nasty." Last I looked, that would be pushing two-thirds of all women. Real men know better.

Political Poet@mdnij34

Are you with nasty?

My blocking finger is active this morning. I’m blocking people who are putting down Kamala Harris as VP and people who are putting down Biden. These are so-called resisters. If you’re not voting; you’re writing in a name; or third-party candidate then you’re a Trump supporter

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