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I tweet, therefore I … well, anyway, I tweet. This is a relatively recent thing for me and I suspect it will last at least until Humpty Trumpty is thrown from the wall.

Plus, there will be gloating.

My middle brother was in a drive-through as we were talking recently, and he jokingly asked if I wanted anything. Yes, I said. Get me some fries. The fries arrived today from New Mexico — I’m in Connecticut — and I’m seriously considering them...

Dear Google, Amazon, Twitter, and all other companies that want to provide me with an enjoyable, customized, advertising "experience" ... if I have to see ads at all, I only want to see ads for refrigerator magnets. Nothing. Else. This should be easy for you.

Given the #GOP stances on weaponry and volunteer militias and its behavior regarding #January6th, please tell me why I should not consider the Republican Party to be a paramilitary terrorist organization?

Before you follow me, you should know that I think "The Office" is unwatchable.

I'm more of a "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" kind of guy.

Just because overthrowing the government by force is okay with Republican congressional leaders doesn't make it less of a crime.

Dear @Google, Among your annoyances, making us say your name in order to ask our phones something is very high on the list, and I am almost at the point of jumping through 3rd-party app hoops just so I can say "Google sucks" aloud on a daily basis to wake *my* digital assistant.

*Every* story about Trump should include a paragraph about what he is under investigation for. *Every* story about seditious public officials should remind people of their responsibility for Jan. 6.

Yes, I'll read Elizabeth Warren's book. I'd have voted for her if I'd gotten the chance. (Note to @nytimes : It's "Persist," not "Perist" as in your URL.)

I'd be much happier to share my country with people who walked all the way from central America to be here than I am to share it with anti-vax, gun-toting toads sitting on their fat asses watching Fox News.

But that's just me.

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