Socially Speaking …

I tweet, therefore I … well, anyway, I tweet. This is a relatively recent thing for me and I suspect it will last at least until Humpty Trumpty is thrown from the wall.

Plus, there will be gloating.

I was reading something today that I wrote years ago:

"We'd be better off if only women could vote, and only black women could have guns ..."

Three weeks of no smokes.

So I've known of two kinds of people who quit smoking. There are those who become absolutely repelled by the smell or sight of burning tobacco; and there are those who kind of miss it. I feel like I'm gonna be the latter, and I'd rather be the former.

Two weeks. No cigarettes. I'm good.

I think I did two weeks once before, but it was just to prove I could go two weeks, not to quit. How stupid was that?

More than three out of five adults who have ever smoked cigarettes have quit, according to the CDC.

That is really a more hopeful statistic for me, after eight days smoke free, than anything about how many people try and fail.

Thank you all for helping me get through a week without smoking. I looked around for in-person support group meetings, but to my surprise -- none near me. I wonder if Covid-19 killed them off.

7th day. A week of no smoking.

Funny how I was never embarrassed to be smoking Virginia Slim menthol lights or Misty's. Chick cigarettes. I thought it was funny.

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