Socially Speaking …

I tweet, therefore I … well, anyway, I tweet. This is a relatively recent thing for me and I suspect it will last at least until Humpty Trumpty is thrown from the wall.

Plus, there will be gloating.

I (and others) have long suspected/*known* that social media networks wildly overstate active human users. Not just @Twitter -- this goes for the #facebook cartel as well.

I was elected as Vice Chair of the @CTDems. I’m grateful for the encouragement from friends across Connecticut. Let’s work together to engage more people in our process, grow our party from the bottom-up, and deliver for working families. We have work to do and I am here for it.

I have a big patch of grass growing in my back yard, planted a few weeks ago in an area decimated by grubs last year. The grass is doing fine.

This morning, there was *one* hoofprint, in the middle. My only theory is that Pegasus is playing practical jokes.

Fun fact: Ukraine is only the 88th most heavily armed citizenry in the world, per capita. But somehow its people don't seem to have a problem defending themselves.

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