On the Cover of the Daily Kos

(With apologies to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, at the very least. I mean, I may have a lot of apologizing to do for this, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.)

(Meant to be sung and spoken to the tune of “Cover of the Rolling Stone”)

(And, for those who wouldn’t know, Daily Kos is a very popular political blog.)

On the Cover of the Daily Kos

(Spoken: Hey Markos! Hey SusanG! Tell ‘em who we are …

Well, we’re big blog writers, we’re the real outsiders
And we’re cool and hip and slick
We blog about Obama and we blog about Bush
Though we make just pennies a click.
We’re all kinds of nerds, all in love with our words
But the love that we crave the most
Is the love that’s inside me
When I get my diary
On the cover of the Daily Kos

(Daily Kohhhhhhhhs)
Wanna see my opinion on the cover
Hope nobody tells my mother!
Wanna see my immortal prose
On the cover of the Daily Kos

(End Refrain)

I’ve got a crazy ol’ friend who went to MIT
Workin’ on my SEO team
I’ve got my beautiful brown-eyed girlfriend
Doin’ my WordPress theme
Now it’s all designed with our server in mind
And our server is better than most
But we just might break it if our diary does make it
To the cover of the Daily Kos.


(Horrifically dissonant guitar solo)

We’ll have a lot of little teenage blue-eyed interns
Who will write anything we say
We’ll get a genuine PHP guru
He’ll be coding us a better way
We’ll breathe the same air as Stephen Colbert
We’ll be quoted in the Washington Post
It’ll be quite a story and we’ll bask in our glory
On the cover of the Daily Kos!


On the cover of the Daily Kohhhhhhhs …
(Spoken: I can see it now, we’ll be up on the front)
(Smilin’, man … Ahhh. Beautiful!)

There. Now I can get back to work. Happy New Year. 🙂


  1. Nice work! As an Allan Sherman and Tom Lehrer fan, I appreciate a well-crafted parody.

    If you’re interested, you might appreciate this DKos diary, in which McJoan writes her version of the same song with copious help from dozens of Kossacks, as a tribute to her brother in law who died young from cancer.

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