But where’s Yukon Cornelius?

I was driving home on Florence Road in Northampton last night behind someone who suddenly swerved to the side ofBut where’s Yukon Cornelius? the road and stopped. As I slowly went by, I saw the “what-for.” Check out the “Bumble” snow sculpture by Dave Rothstein … at least that’s the credit in the Daily Hampshire Gazette today. But the Gazette is one of those papers that doesn’t put it all out there, online, so you can’t see the picture they took of the “Bumble” with Dave; you’ll have to settle for the one I took this afternoon. (Click on the little photo to make it big, you know you want to.)

If you aren’t getting the “Bumble” reference,you’ve been living under a rock during the holiday season for your whole life. Dave’s creation is the spitting image of the Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV special, which has been showing since 1964 and is the No. 3 answer on “Family Feud” to the question, “What do you associate with the Christmas season?” (Baby Jesus did not make the list, but that is a story for another time.)

Anyway, I think Dave should make a Yukon Cornelius and a Hermie the sorta gay elf dentist, too. But I’ll take what I’ve got. Thanks Dave, you’re a pal.

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