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Welcome to JeffSchult.com.

You’ve arrived at my general purpose blog.

I’m working as a writer, editor and IT guy for Lawdragon.com … there will be a lot of new stuff on that in 2014. The curtain hasn’t gone up yet. (Dec. 2013.)

I have a web site at http://www.tftb.com. It has been there since about 1995; the links there make for a decent sampler of published writing I’ve done in the last 15 years. There’s long. There’s short. There’s frivolous and serious. There’s quite a bit of funny. There is a need to do a renovation, since I no longer see the need for all my old work to be available or even to exist.

The site for my first book, Beauty from Afar: A Medical Tourist’s Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic Care Outside the U.S., is at http://www.beautyfromafar.com. I am gratified that the book remains relevant and timely for medical travelers, medical and healthcare professionals and for healthcare payers as a compelling overview of the global market for medical services and how and why the market has developed. The rights have reverted to me and I have put the first few chapters online. Eventually the whole book will be online and I’ll probably make it available for download; but that’s a “in my spare time” labor of conviction.

I spent quite a lot of time in 2009-2011 working on a book project for which there was (but is no longer) a somewhat risque site called Into Temptation. The book was to be about changing sexual mores in the Internet era, which is a great topic and would make a fine book but I have not been able to get a publisher to buy it. I’ve done some really good writing on the subject, though. You might be amused or interested by my contributions to SeXis magazine in 2011. The whole project is on hold.I am doing some other prep work for a less serious look at dating. I have the best title, ever, but I don’t know what goes with it yet. 😉

I also built and have maintained the Prisma Dental Blog for my wonderful Costa Rican dentists, Josef Cordero and Telma Rubinstein. I’ve built a number of successful blogs for small businesses. Among other things, I’m currently working on Epicurean Travel; doing IT work for a few local clients (especially Next Generation Technology) who like that I’m both really good at it and treat networks as though they are supposed to serve people and not the other way around. I’d like to have a few more clients because I love doing IT work and the writing and editing well of work has been a little dry of late.

If you want to contact me and don’t have my address, please try me at: jeffbot @ gmail dot com. : I am pretty good about answering.

For various reasons, professional and personal, I’m somewhat easy to find on the web. I’ve been on TV, and radio. I get interviewed and quoted a lot. If all of the above still leaves you wanting more, click here for Google’s version of my life.

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