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My personal projects are now in the realm of literary fiction, scifi and fantasy. I also work as a writer, editor and IT guy for myself and for Lawdragon.com, among other clients.

I have a web site at http://www.tftb.com. It has been there since about 1995; the links there make for a decent sampler of published writing. There’s long. There’s short. There’s frivolous and serious.There is a need to do a renovation, since I no longer see the need for all my old work to be available or even to exist.

The site for my first book, Beauty from Afar: A Medical Tourist’s Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic Care Outside the U.S., is at http://www.beautyfromafar.com. I am gratified that the book remains relevant and timely for medical travelers, medical and healthcare professionals and for healthcare payers as a compelling overview of the global market for medical services and how and why the market has developed. The rights have reverted to me and I put the first few chapters online.

For various reasons, professional and personal, I’m somewhat easy to find on the web. I’ve been on TV, and radio. I get interviewed and quoted a lot. If all of the above still leaves you wanting more, click here for Google’s version of my life.

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